Friday, October 26, 2012

Keelung Ho Ping Island Hi Park 和平島海角樂園 (26.10.12)

After hearing my teacher mention about the beauty of Ho Ping Island Hi Park, I decided to go there with my friend today. My teacher was right! The place is really beautiful. It is quite similar to Yehliu, 野柳地質公園, but it also has its own kind of beauty.

We set off from Taipei train station to Keelung train station. After reaching Keelung, we walked to the bus stop and took the bus to our destination
Setting off from Taipei station

Bus to Ho Ping Island

Keelung is a port city, you can see the harbour minutes away from the train station. There are a lot of sea related shops from boat making factories to fishing gear, I think u can find any sea related products here. The feel of Keelung is quite different from Taipei. Keelung has the old city feel, slightly messy electrical cables, old buildings, many mama shops.

The first thing we saw after exiting from the train station


The port. Minutes away from the train station.

The old city feel
The bus dropped us off somewhere near the park but we still had to walk round 10 minutes to get to the park. We saw interesting murals on the way, they reminded me of my childhood.

Finding Nemo.


Pokemon. Can't really remember the names except Meowth. 

With every step, every footprint, continue going on.
We finally reached our destination, Ho Ping Island Hi Park.
Ho Ping Island Hi Park
The park is divided into a few sections, there is a seawater swimming pool/playground, a sand play area, the rocks and other areas.
A huge "sand"castle to symbolize the sand play area.

Statue to commemorate those who died in fishing disasters.

The rocks
The main attraction for the park is the rocks, rocks that come in all shapes and sizes.You see squarish rocks,  craters, tall rocks. It makes me wonder how on earth nature is able to do that, able to shape these rocks one by one, making each unique. Technically, you are supposed to stay on the walkway. You can walk off the walkway but you will be responsible for your own safety. Since the rocks were really appealing and it did not seem that dangerous, we walked in to touch and feel the rocks for ourselves.

View from the entrance

Seawater creeks


Rocky mountain

Holes and craters


Lines on the rocks


Small mountain/island
If you did not want to go in, you can choose to just walk the walkway and have a bird's eye view of the whole rock park.

The walkway

The path

Pavilion to see the rocks

Seawater rushing in through the gaps

The clouds, the sea and the rocks

Another view of the park

Mini "mushrooms"

The land seems to be cut into uniform squares
Besides observing the rocks, the combination of the rocks, the sea and the sky is a sight to behold. After observing the rocks, we went on the walkway and could see the whole park and its beauty.

Like the clouds :)

The reflection

Peculiar rocks

Straight crisscrosses on the rock

The sea and sky

The moon is out

The sun

"Pimple scars" dotted throughout the rocks

Cranes nearby
We decided to stay on and watch the sun set. Although we were blocked from seeing the full sunset by the mountains, it was nonetheless, very pretty.

The sun is setting

Going lower

The clouds are illuminated by the sunlight

The sky, the sea and the sun.

Even lower, near the bottom of the chimney

The whole view

The sun can no longer be seen


The sky is starting to darken

The cranes are hard at work

The "pool" within the rocks and the sky

The seawater swimming pool

The sand play area

Behind the sandcastle

Goodbye, Ho Ping Island Hi Park
We left for our next destination, 廟口夜市,Miaokou Night Market, soon after the sun set.

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